Consider Game Boards a Vital Part of Your Playground

Jul, 13   -   No Comments   -   Candice

It’s common for playgrounds to include physical equipment, but you might also want to add in a few game boards. These feature game pieces fixed to the board that are still moveable within it, basically creating a large stand-up board game, and here are just a few reasons why they should be part of your playground.

Engages Every Child

You have to accept that not every child who visits your playground is going to enjoy more physical types of play, and many children will be unable to take advantage at all. Game boards are ideal because they cater to such children, providing mental rather than physical challenges and stimulation. Working around the needs of all children is always going to be appreciated, especially by parents of differently-abled kids struggling to find playgrounds built around their requirements.

Quieter Play

If you’re looking for playground equipment for a hospitality business, one thing you need to remember is that quieter is often better. You don’t want lots of screaming children to be constantly aggravating your other guests or getting you in trouble with any neighbours. It’s hard for children to resist being loud when they’re playing with climbing equipment, slides, and so on, but game boards encourage quieter activity.

Small Footprint, Big Impact

Maybe you have a huge amount of space and an unlimited budget for your playground, but it’s more likely that space and cost are going to be central concerns. Game boards are likely to appeal because they don’t cost very much or take up very much space, especially compared to more conventional playground equipment. At the same time, they will attract a lot of children, so you can pack more entertainment into the same amount of space and get more bang for your buck. Not bad.

Ongoing Interest

Even the most energetic of children is soon going to become sick of going up and down the slide or across the monkey bars; even if they remain interested, they’ll tend to quickly tire themselves out. After that happens, it’s easy for boredom to set in. One of the great things about game boards is that you can keep using them for ages without worrying about the kids getting bored. Even a game of noughts and crosses lasts a lot longer than going down a slide.