Over 3 billion people rely on internet-ready technology on a daily basis, making online advertisement one of the best and safest ways of promotion. Whether you want to introduce a future product or build your already existing brand, your best bet will be internet advertising. By simply putting an ad on a popular site like mine – more about that below -, you can create an online presence that will do the work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Internet users are perceptive shoppers that rely on the platform to find the products and services they are willing to pay for. There is no real argument against online advertising, but let’s see the reasons why you would want to do it here.

High Traffic with High Conversion Rates

At My Cash Back, we have 21,000 unique monthly visitors. That is a sizeable number, but more importantly, these visitors are highly interested in financial topics. Many of them are frequent online shoppers. This translates to a high conversion rate. If you have a product or service of interest to my readership, you are likely to make a good profit here. When I started this site, I made a concerted effort to grow my readership in an organic way to achieve consistent success. By creating quality content for my readers, they became regulars. By visiting this site and reading the content, many of them improved their own financial situation considerably. Not only are they better versed in the science of finance, but they can now also spend more money than before. All this leads to improved conversion rates.


If you decide to advertise on my website, I can provide expert insight, whenever you need it. Having been an advertiser myself for a number of years, I know what types of ads bring in the most qualifying leads – people who are likely to buy your product. I am also qualified to provide advise on other crucial aspects, such as ad placement, ad copy and helpful analytics.

Brand Awareness

My brand is my website, and without wanting to sound cocky, it is a very popular! It attracts around 21,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis, and my goal is to reach 50,000 within a year. People are aware of my brand, and if you advertise on my site, you will be able to achieve the same success for your business. When you advertise on a site with high traffic and high conversion rates, and your product develops the same kind of status. This will culminate in nothing but resounding success.

Cost-effective Efficiency

Compared to television, radio, or printed advertisements, online ads are considerably cheaper. On top of that, in the vast majority of cases, they are also more efficient. Rare exceptions include very popular show or sporting events, or highly relevant radio shows or podcasts. If you can advertise during such an event, you don’t need me in the first place because you’ve probably already made it. What I offer is a great price to value ratio, and all the help you need, even in marketing questions.

Data Feedback

I have experience in using analytical tools and feedback to make the advertising space I provide even more effective. In addition to it being useful, knowing how well your target audience receives your message is a big plus. It reinforces whether or not you are on the right track, or motivates you to make the necessary changes to be more successful.


I can offer you high traffic and conversion rates, exposure to internet-savvy people, and a great customer service eager to do everything to help you succeed. If you are interested in this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me.