What I Write About

My name is Candace Williams, and I am a financial writer from Chicago, with a passion for blogging. I like the blog platform because it allows me to write in a personal style, and still share professional advice with my audience. I always had a penchant for finance, and after I obtained my degree at my local university, I started my own career journey. I worked with different clients during the following years, gaining ample experience in the process. Then, my husband, Ric, and I, decided to start a family. Our daughter Ashlee is a wonderful little girl, and I love being a stay-at-home mom.

My Three Reasons

I have three reasons for writing, and they are all equally important to me. This site started out as an adventure, and at the beginning, I did not really know what to expect. Having said that, I quickly realized one thing – if I put real effort in, eventually I would succeed and reap rewards from my efforts.

My Monetary Reason

It is no secret that I make money through this website, and it’s also no coincidence. The lion’s share of the income comes from ads, paid reviews and affiliate marketing. I want to emphasize, however, I have the final say in what I review or advertise, and I always and exclusively express my true and sincere opinion. As a result, I am not advertising anything I don’t believe in. Many of my visitors want to monetize their site, and come to me for help.

To me, it all started with content. Before everything else, all the HTML and CSS research, I simply wrote well-researched, quality blog posts. That’s how I grew my audience, and everything that followed was only possible because of it. Now, I am well versed in most internet marketing protocols but it took quite some time to learn the right skills.

I Follow My Passion

My second reason is much simpler; writing is one of my passions. It helps me to relax, and I enjoy sharing aspects of my life with my website visitors. Being a mom helped me to connect with many followers, because it provided a common ground. I can proudly say some of those followers are now my friends, and that motivates me even more. When I create new content, I know I’m doing it for a tight community of faithful readers and friends. As a writer, this is a great feeling.

I Provide Financial and Shopping Advice

The third reason is the most crucial. My visitors rely on my financial and shopping advice to create a positive change in their financial situation. I give them highly researched and relevant content that makes an actual difference. Our financial situation – and even our shopping habits and efficiency – impact on our happiness. Money is certainly not everything, but it is an unavoidable topic, and if we are going to talk about it anyway, we might as well take it seriously. I know, I do.

The Blog

The blog is perhaps the best tool on my site, one that grew surprisingly quickly. Even though I didn’t know much about visual customization, I made a concerted effort to create high quality content, particularly through my blog. I did not advertise my website. Instead I relied on my audience to do it for me. When I read an excellent article, I often share it on Facebook or other social media, and the vast majority of people do the same. I knew my goal was to create content people will want to share. As far as the plans for my blog go, I hope to have guest posts soon I also hope to publish serialized reviews of important financial and shopping topics.