Top Cashback Sites

Cashback sites are internet platforms that provide financial compensation for clicks. If you learn to use them correctly, you can earn a considerable amount of money, possibly hundreds of pounds per year. This can be a nice little earner for anyone wishing to make some money online.

How Does It Work?

If you want to purchase something on the internet or support a product by signing up to a website, you can do so through a cashback site and earn money in the process. The amount is highly dependent on the product itself. Retail items usually go for pennies, whereas a mobile contract could worth a 1000 times that. In any case, to earn money, you have to sign up with a cashback site first. Remember, if the site is not free, forget it. The best cashback sites are free, and offer exactly the same features as their paying counterparts, perhaps more. These paying sites are often fraudulent and you are better off staying well clear of them

Once you signed up, you simply log in and look for the retailer you are interested in. If your shop is listed, just click on the cashback site’s link. Once you’ve clicked your visit has been tracked and the transaction is completed. You can make a withdrawal as soon as the money has been lodged in your cashback account. Some sites have certain withdrawal limits, however, and you cannot get your money until the lodgement is complete.

How Do Cashback Sites Benefit?

As expected, the answer is money. These sites take a chunk of the transaction, which you would have made anyway. When you buy a product from a cashback site, the retailer receives an affiliate link and the site’s name. The cashback site gets a slice of the money, and you get a smaller slice of that slice. Now obviously, when the cake is big enough, even the slimmest slice can represent a considerable amount of cash. The commercial deal itself, made between the retailer and the cashback site also has a bearing on the price. Obviously, the amounts you can earn vary considerably.

The Five Most Important Rules

Cashback sites are generally safe. You make some money by simply buying things you would purchase anyway, but that doesn’t mean there are no rules to follow.

  1. There is no 100% Guarantee

Because of the unique operation of these sites, there are no guarantees. Some sites have a great reputation. However, since your money often rides on the promise of a third party, that reputation sometimes does not reflect the reality. Tracking problems can also occur, and sometimes you can’t even blame any of the involved parties.

  1. Don’t Celebrate Early

The money is only yours when it has arrived in your bank account. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  1. Always Withdraw

Withdraw your money whenever the opportunity presents itself. Storing it on the account of the cashback site is not a good idea. If you leave it, not only do you lose interest, but you may also have to wave that money goodbye if the company goes bankrupt or changes its payout rules.

  1. It Is Not the Size of the Cashback

Cheapest deals are better for you in the long run. Sure, the high cashback on an insurance deal might be attractive, but it may cost you more money in the end.

  1. Clear Your Browser History

Like many other sites, cashback sites use cookies for tracking. Sometimes these small data packages can interfere with each other, and the cashback site cannot track you. Clearing your cookies before visiting the cashback site is a good idea, especially when you expect a bigger cashback payout.

Whether you choose Topcashback, or Quidco, make sure to follow these rules, and you will be able to enjoy a nice little profit.