4 Signs Your Staff Should Wear Clip-On Ties

Apr, 13   -   No Comments   -   Candice

Employers often assume that clip-on ties are unquestionably inferior to standard ties. However, there are scores of professional roles in which it can be extremely beneficial to wear a clip-on tie. Here are just four signs that a clip-on tie would be the right choice for your business.

  1. Uniformity is Required

One of the central advantages of a clip-on tie is that it will always look the same. Without the need to self-tie, the tie will always end up the same length and the knot will always look the same. If you value a uniformity of appearance across all your staff, using clip-on ties printed in your brand colours is a great idea.

  1. Safety is a Concern

If you pull hard on a clip-on tie, it will simply come off in your hand. This isn’t something that most professionals need to think about. However, it can be a major advantage when safety is a concern. If your staff work around machinery, getting a standard necktie caught can be extremely hazardous. Safety is also a concern if your staff will be working around potential troublemakers; bouncers, for example, will appreciate that their ties cannot be used against them.

  1. You’re Working with Children

Young children are another segment of the population who might enjoy grabbing at your tie. Of course, they’re unlikely to be trying to do you any harm, but it can be hard for babies and toddlers to resist grabbing onto your tie when you bend down. This can be a real pain, but it won’t be such an issue when you wear a clip-on.

  1. The Environment is Fast-Paced

Finally, think about how fast-paced your working environment is; will your staff have to quickly change at any point? If so, using clip-on ties can be a real lifesaver. Instead of having to fuss, all your staff will need to do is clip-on and go; this is particularly useful if employees will need to work where a tie would be a nuisance and then quickly move into an area where they need to look smart for clients or customers.