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Whenever someone wants to submit a guest post to my blog, I feel vindicated. I am reminded that my site is popular. If you want to take advantage of that popularity, contact me at I know many of you reaching out to me with that request have the same goals that I have had. My biggest pet peeve was creating high quality content. Way before I started to pay attention to other aspects such as the layout, placing ads, or even thinking about monetizing the site, I knew I wanted to write well-researched, highly relevant blog posts. My message reached fellow moms and others, and the website – and its soul, the blog – grew into something I never really dreamed of -a community.

Be a Part of That Community

There are various reasons why being a guest contributor to my website can benefit you, but before I talk about them, I want to emphasize this aspect. In my experience, many sites work as a hub of links and blog posts. That is not necessarily a negative thing, mind you. A hub can be great for finding information. I can also help you reach your financial goals. A hub is efficient and popular. I hope that my site is a hub, but I also know it is definitely something else, too. It is a community of people with the same interests. This has value, and that includes monetary aspects.


If you decide to contribute to my blog, you can expect various benefits in return.

  • Traffic: My website has 21,000 unique visitors each month. I have grown my follower numbers organically, by offering high quality content free of charge. The result was the birth of an extremely loyal, highly intelligent readership. They are very open to read about new solutions, and more importantly, they want to do that every day. If you feel you would like to write for my website, you can expect a dedicated readership with a habit of sharing high quality content on social media.
  • Become an Expert: I am a financial expert with years of experience, and the kind of person who never really stops learning. Just a quick example, I have always been a big online shopper, and spent hours doing research on a daily basis. People wanted my financial advice, and that often involved online shopping tips. Once I realised that, I worked even harder to learn every angle and, find every piece of relevant information that can be relevant. My point is, if you become a guest blogger, your own content and the feedback you will receive, will likely motivate you to work even harder, to learn even more. That has been the biggest advantage, and it can be yours too.
  • Business Opportunities: If you have unique ideas, or even more common but well-developed ones, you just need traffic, and opportunities will arise. By simply sharing a blog post on a popular website, you could be looking at a number of different chances to get recognized for your talents. This opportunity could come from me, or one of the members of my sizable readership. It could also come from another site, looking for good writers. We haven’t even started on backlinks, and other potential benefits. If you have a decent work ethic, there are endless possibilities.

On this basis, we cover a wide variety of topics:

  • Banking System: we often cover the most interesting banking news
  • Credits and Loans: one of the downfalls of personal finance, plenty of material
  • Mortgage: mortgage finance is one of the most exciting topics we write about
  • Blogging: blogging is a business on its own if you do it right
  • Financial News: we always follow the most important financial happenings
  • Personal Finance: the lion’s share of our posts involves this topic
  • Insurance: I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this topic
  • Make Money Online: one of the ways is becoming a guest blogger
  • Making Investments: the most exciting part of finance for me
  • Making Money: our common goal, provide us with some guidance
  • Running a Business: a very complex topic that involves so many areas
  • Shopping Tips: our readership is very open to these ideas
  • Online Shopping: being fiscally responsible means you are a responsible online shopper
  • Product Reviews: product reviews are great opinionated pieces
  • Sales and Discounts: we have considerable sales experience, but maybe you can add to it

If you need some inspiration, you may find these titles interesting:

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“Online Shopping, an Unstoppable Force”

“Rebrand Your Life: a Financial Guide”

If you’ve decided to write and publish your post here, or simply have a question about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me at, or simply fill out the form below. Looking forward to hearing from you.