White Hat Ways to Earn Money Writing Reviews

May, 14   -   No Comments   -   Candice

How many times have you visited an online merchant and noticed that the ‘customer reviews’ sounded too well-written and certainly too good to be true? Occasionally, you will find a negative scattered in the reviews, but even those are simply not strong enough to dissuade new customers from buying products. You know those reviews and comments must have been written by professional content writers or marketing pros.

Those kinds of reviews are considered black hat in the industry and many marketplaces like Amazon will delete any customer reviews or comments they feel have been left by family, friends, or paid marketing associates. Honest merchants will not use this technique. So, how do you earn money writing reviews? It’s easier than you think!

Blogging Is High on the List

Setting up your own personal blog is perhaps the best and easiest way to get paid for product reviews. However, there is one Golden Rule you really must follow. A reputable blog site will place a disclaimer somewhere on each page they are getting paid to write, which explains they may be getting compensation for writing reviews. Readers like to know they are dealing with ethical bloggers and merchants, so this is an important feature if you are accepting compensation for writing some, or all, of your reviews.

Show and Tell

Believability is a key issue with consumers, so if you want to get paid well for writing reviews, you must do more than tell your readers what you’ve found. Showing them why you like something or features you are not overly fond of is worth its weight in gold. Some bloggers invest in good 360 cameras, so they can show a panoramic view of the products they are reviewing. This comes in extremely handy when reviewing places of business like restaurants, attractions, and even hotels. You can find a great deal of info on 360 cameras on the Iamgopro.Com website. Learn how to use stills and videos in your reviews and you will be well compensated.

Sponsor Reviews Written by Others

If you have your own blog, you can begin charging a fee for reviews posted on your site. However, just as when you provided a disclaimer that you are being compensated for writing a review, you really should let readers know that these reviews are ‘guest reviews’ or ‘sponsored reviews.’ That’s the ethical, white hat, thing to do. Honesty and integrity are high on the list of what today’s consumers are looking for and any company or products you review should understand just how important this is.

If you don’t choose to set up your own blog, you could do a quick Google search on getting paid to write reviews. There are several reputable marketing companies which will pay writers for authentically good reviews. Yes, setting up your own blog is a bit time-consuming, but you can control the content you choose to publish. On the other hand, writing outsourced reviews can bring money in faster. The choice is yours, but know that today’s consumer will know the difference between hype and honesty. Which would you like to be known for? Honest reviewers are well paid.