Tips on How to Attract Customers to Patronise Your Business

Sep, 22   -   No Comments   -   Candice

Putting up an exhibition stand is a sure-fire way of promoting your business to your target market. It is hassle-free to put one up as you only must get it done by a professional with your specifications on size and design. But if you are at an exhibit with other competitors pitching their promotions to customers, how can your display stay afloat and be noticed by customers?

Eye-catching graphics 

When potential customers pass by your stand, they should be able to see eye-catching visuals that promote your business. The first thing that people notice is colour, so make sure that your visuals are colourful and eye-catching. Curiosity is also one way of attracting customers. If they become curious enough about the visuals that they see on your stand, it is your opportunity to pitch your business to them and hopefully land a sale.

Contact your new and existing customers 

Provide a list of customers that visit your booth and contact them in the coming days. It just shows that you are interested in them and are determined to offer your products and services that you take the time out of your schedule to reach out to them. Being hands-on and personal with your clients will make them feel important.

Offer promos and discounts 

Promos and discounts lure customers. They are always after saving money but still getting the full products and services that they want. Have freebies on the ready too. Another way to make your clients come to your stand is to offer them freebies.

Provide enough space 

Have ample space in and around your stand to accommodate the influx of customers. If you have limited space, work around it. Do not put up a very big stand that will eat whatever space you have. An adequately-sized stand that will not get lost in a sea of other stands is the perfect one for you. If you have a small one, make up for it by offering different things and by having an interesting-looking stand.

Be friendly and easy to approach 

When customers come near your stand, be aggressive in offering them your products and services. Be knowledgeable in what you are providing so that when they have questions, you can answer them without batting an eye. One of the things that clients look for is your knowledge. Also, be easy to talk to; always have a smile on your face. Make your clients feel at ease with your demeanour so that they will be enticed to approach you and ask you about what your business offers. A friendly yet professional stance is what you need to exhibit to clients.

Hard work and dedication to your business are two ingredients to success. If you want to get a continuous influx of clients to your stand, then you must put in the time and effort to interest them in your products and services. Establishing rapport with your clients will make them feel like they are taken care of the way they deserve.