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Gran central: the mortgage you can take out when you’re 79

A building society has come up with a ‘lifestyle booster’ for retired people. More deals for older borrowers could
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‘Is now a good time to get a mortgage?’

Our experts advise a couple who are looking to buy their first home
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Mortgage lending falls as nervous owners wait to see effect of Brexit

Buyers in the housing market are facing mixed fortunes, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, as first-time buyers
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The new credit crunch

With many buyers at the limit of borrowing, some experts predict that property prices in London will slow down
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EU threatens middle class ‘payday loans’

Growing numbers of borrowers have been cashing in on property price rises by releasing money to pay for home
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Desmond bank funds buyback of vulture loans

Rietumu Banka, a Latvian lender in which billionaire financier Dermot Desmond has a one-third stake, is providing funding for
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Ulster Bank to close fifth of Irish branches

Ulster Bank has confirmed that 280 employees will lose their jobs this year after a restructuring plan that includes
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Banks are bomb-proof against a slump but still open to a hack attack

fe can’t be easy as a Bank of England wonk dreaming up “stress tests” to check that Britain’s lenders
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Cash runs dry after Mugabe plunders banks

Zimbabweans have endured shortages of fuel, food and water for decades: now the country is running out of cash.
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Meet the password protectors: the bank staff helping to defend our grandparents

Staff concerned about vulnerable customers can use a codeword to summon police
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