Excellent Ways to Save Money on Your Online Advertising Campaign

Apr, 13   -   No Comments   -   Candice

Online advertising with PPC (Pay Per Click) platforms like Google AdWords is becoming more and more expensive every month. With more and more competitors benefitting from the platform, it’s only going to get more competitive and, therefore, even more expensive. If you’re looking to cut down on the outgoings of online advertising, especially when it comes to your PPC campaigns, have a look at some of the helpful tips below that’ll help you do exactly that.

Implement a Click Fraud Tool

Many online businesses waste a lot of money as far as their PPC advertising campaigns are concerned, and that’s usually because of fraudulent activity. Competitors will continuously seek out advertising campaigns created by their competitors and they will keep clicking on advertisements to drain their bank accounts. It’s very easy to achieve, but with the right click fraud prevention tool in place, it can be stopped quickly. Consider Adwatcher.Com as your tool – you’ll benefit from many excellent features like geo-tracking, cross-platform monitoring, fraud alerts, traffic spike data, and fraud blockers – it’s a tool that could save you hundreds on your online advertising campaigns.

Adjust Your Geolocations

Whatever platform you use to create your PPC campaigns, they all come with geolocation features. Such features will help you target an audience within a specific postcode or town. It’s the perfect option for those who don’t serve internationally and only locally. Why advertise your brand to different countries who can’t purchase your products/services anyway? The more specific you are when it comes to geo location, the more money you will save in the long run.

Be Realistic About Your Keywords

If you’re selling computer hardware, it’s going to be costly to purchase keywords like “computer hardware for sale” – and it’ll be highly competitive. Therefore, it could be worth going more longtail with your keywords. Something similar to “computer hardware for sale in New York” or “cheap computer hardware for sale in New York” would keep the costs down considerably, and it could give you more chance of converting.

Remarket Those Who Didn’t Convert

Many websites only target first-time session buyers, the people who only visit your website once and then leave without purchasing. The chances are, these potential customers will come back in the future because they’ve seen another advert of yours that interests them. Don’t forget about these visitors just because they weren’t interested in the first place – it’s crucial you implement a remarketing strategy. If you’re spending all this time and money on investing in potential customers that don’t buy the first time, why not spend a bit more and ensure they purchase the next time? Here are some good remarketing tips that’ll help you do that.

Ultimately, if you are not careful and realistic about your PPC campaigns, you could end up spending thousands every year that could be pointless otherwise. Invest in the right click fraud tool, adjust your geo locations, be realistic about your keywords, and continue to remarket your brand to keep PPC advertising costs down considerably.